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Balikpapan is a city in East Kalimantan.

Balikpapan is a major headquarters for international oil companies, mining companies and related support industries operating in (and out of) eastern Kalimantan.

It is a relatively clean, small city, with clear blue skies but not much by way of nightlife. Traffic does not yet inhibit travel within the city but is increasing by the day as relatively high living standards help to support a sea of small motor cycles.

The people there are a mix, with lots of Javanese due to transmigration, lots of people from Sulawesi, and of course, the locals. The people are quiet and polite, and the pace is slow and relaxed.


Get in

By plane

Most people arrive by air. Balikpapan's Sepinggan International Airport (IATA: BPN) has frequent flights from Jakarta, as well as commercial services from Surabaya, Banjarmasin, Tarakan, Yogyakarta and Makassar. There are also international flights from Singapore operated by SilkAir 6 times a week and from Kuala Lumpur operated by Air Asia 3 times a week.

The airport is on the coast just outside of the city. Airport taxis operate from the terminal; there is a fixed fare depending on the destination.

By car

Balikpapan can be accessed from Samarinda, Bontang And Banjarmasin by land through 2 bus terminal From Samarinda, Bontang by Terminal Batu Ampar, and From Banjarmasin from the other terminal in the Batu Ampar District.

By ferry

Semayang's seaport that serves cruises from Makassar, Pare Pare, Tarakan, Surabaya, and other eastern parts of Indonesia. This port is one of the busiest ports in Indonesia and the main gateway to Borneo, serving cargo ships not only from Indonesia and South East Asia.

Get around

By taxi

Some taxi companies operates in Balikpapan. It is advisable to call for their call center, tell your location and wait the call center arrange their unit to pick you up. It is uncommon to wait for empty taxis on the street because they usually stop and wait for orders from their call center.

List of taxi companies and their call center number:

Public transport

Public transportation in Balikpapan consists of small minibus named angkutan kota or angkot for short. Locals often call angkot as taxi and metered taxi as taxi argo. There's no public bus inside the city. Minibuses serves public transport between points. Although there're dedicated routes, they often deroute due to passenger's request. They also sometimes don't serve the whole route.

The color of the minibuses determines their routes. Common routes are as follows:


Plaza Balikpapan: This is the most popular shopping mall in Balikpapan. Located at the centre of the city and it is a must visit for visitors.

Dapur Bunda: A new beach located further off Klandasan. It offers a nice view of sunset.

Crocodile Farm.

Lamaru Beach

Manggar Beach

Shopping: A market where the handicrafts are sold.

Kebun Sayur Traditional Market Center: A lot stones, gems, jewelry, diamonds with various type and price. Borneo is acknowledged as the rich island not just by oil or coal, but also with the beautiful gems.

Balikpapan has a beautiful beach such as Manggar and Lamaru located just outside the city, with entry only Rp. 3000,- you can enjoy all day sun bathe, if you're into crocs, there is a Crocodile Farm, near the Manggar Beach.


On Merdeka(Independent) square you can play soccer and do other sports. Check out the beach in balikpapan. See one of the nice local markets, and local tour operators arrange river safaris on the Mahakam River and Orangutan tours.

(BOS) Orangutan Sancuary and Eco lodge : Go see rescued orangutans and sun bears in their natural habitat. Just roaming around for the day or stay at the eco lodge for a few nights and experience the wildlife in the jungle. You can also do a 2 week or 4 week volunteering course, where you can help out with the animals. It is about a 1 hour journey by car from the city centre and if you stay the night or volunteer you will need out door equipment such as walking boots, spare clothes, insect repellent etc.


Amplang/Kuku Macan. It is a kind of chips made from fish.




There are a number of star rated hotels poised on the hills and at the beach that are perfectly adequate.



Get out

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