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Het Loon - Historically old shoppingmall opened in 1965

Heerlen is a city in Limburg in the south east of the Netherlands. The old name of the city in ancient times was Coriovallum. From ancient times it was a Roman hub. This expanded into the city it is presently. Currently Heerlen has become a part of a new larger project city called Parkstad Limburg. Working together with cities: Brunssum, Kerkrade, Landgraaf, Onderbanken, Nuth, Simpelveld en Voerendaal on operational level.




Roman era

Eventhough there have been traces of earlier civilazation the real history of this town starts in the roman era. These erected 2000 years ago a military settlement who they gave the name Coriovallum. This settlement came because of the crossroads from Boulonge-Köln and Xanten-Aachen-Trier.


Climate Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Daily highs (°C) 5 6 10 13 18 20 23 23 19 14 9 6
Nightly lows (°C) 0 0 2 4 8 11 13 13 10 7 3 1
Precipitation (mm) 60 51 60 46 64 74 67 58 60 63 66 70

Climate in Heerlen

Get in

By train

The main train station is situated in the center of the city. Three other trainstations in Heerlen are Heerlen de Kissel, Heerlen Woonboulevard (Opening 2010) and Hoensbroek. There is a train from Aachen Hbf to Heerlen called the euregio-line which travels twice per hour. The trainstation in Heerlen is going to get a renovated starting in 2010 adding more travel options when completed (second part of the Maankwartier build). Also this will be a shoppingmall when ariving in this new station when completed with eating and drinking possibilities.

By bus

The bus terminal is close to the back exit of the trainstation. The bus operator in Heerlen and surrounding cities is Veolia. There is one international busline from Aachen to Heerlen.

By car

Heerlen is situated along the A76 highway but get on the N281 if traveling south or north because there is no exit to Heerlen on the A76. You can find taxies waiting on the upper level when exiting at front of the trainstation. From Aachen by car you will have to take the N281. From Maastricht take the A79 to Heerlen. At the end of the A79 is Heerlen. You can also use the inner ring of parkstad to get to Heerlen.

By plane

Maastricht-Aachen airport is 10 miles away from the city center of Heerlen. Albeit it is more convenient to fly to Eindhoven airport and take a bus and train to Heerlen, because of the low number or flights arriving and departing from Maastricht-Aachen airport. For international flights it is better to arrive and depart from Brussels(BE), Amsterdam(Schiphol, NL) or Dusseldorf(DE). Each of these airports are about 2-3 hours away from Heerlen by car.

Get around

If you are in Heerlen center, everything could be done on foot. A car is convenient to explore the outskirts of town and attractions in the broader area, but take into account that the city center is car-free and parking there is expensive. Another possibility is to discover Heerlen by bike. There are some interesting parks and locations to reach by bike. Using the extensive bus routes can take you to everything in the city that is bit further away from the center.




There are two known shopping locations in Heerlen. The center of the city and the Woonboulevard. The Woonboulvard is famous for its living and lifestyle shops. It is the biggest Furniture strip of Europe.



On the pancratiusplein people can find the many cafes and terrasses who are usually filled with people troughout the year.



VVV Heerlen is where you can get information about the city. For any information go to Oranje Nassaustraat 16, 6411 LH Heerlen. They can assist with:

Stay safe

In Heerlen as so many other cities and places in Limburg are targets of drugtraficing. Crime goes hand in hand with these practices. If you just want to smoke a joint go to one of the legalized "coffee shops".

Another problem in Heerlen is the prostitution since the legalization of prostitution in the Netherlands you prostitutes can have sex with some one for a fee. There are some of these brothels in Kerkrade. Getting in bed with a prostitute on the street you have a very high risk of getting an STD. Stay safe and when going to a brothel use a condom the prostitutes in the Netherlands normally do not have sex without a condom a carry one with them.

Another hassle is meeting "junkies" and wanderers you might occasionally meet them at supermarkets and city centers asking for some money which most Dutch people find an anoyance since they allready have an income from the state to survive. Normally the begging is because the lack of drugs and they want to buy drugs with the money you give them. Giving these people money also encourages the crimes involved with the illigal drugs. So do not be temped to give these people money and which might also encourage other beggers to ask money from you. Normally these people do not pickpoket your wallet but as in any city in the world keep an eye on your personal items.

Get out

Connections to Aachen are via train or bus. Other options by train are to Belgium (via Maastricht) and the remainder of the Netherlands.

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