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Palembang is the capital of the province of South Sumatra.



Get in

By Plane

Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport (PLM). Recently rebuilt in another location into a modern airport. It just opened at the end of 2005. International flight operated by SilkAir [1] from Singapore and AirAsia to Kuala Lumpur (begin 10th March 2011). Some domestic flights include Jakarta (frequent), Pangkal Pinang, Batam, etc. Domestic departure tax is Rp 35,000, while international is Rp 100,000.

By Bus

Palembang connected by inland bus transportation to other cities in Sumatra (Jambi, Padang, Pekanbaru, Medan and Lampung) also to Jakarta crossing Sunda strait by ferry.

Get around

It is quite easy to get around in Palembang since there are a lot of public busses, modified vans (Angkots or Angkutan Kota) and for short distances there is always becak. Don't be surprised if they keep packing the buses and angkots with people even though they are full. Short trips should be no more than 5000 rp. Taxis are scarce, far between, and often refuse to use meters and insists on fixed price for certain distance. Just like other Indonesian cities, the most reliable and safe taxi in Palembang is Blue Bird group. On land, motorcycle taxis, ojeks, are cheap, quick, and everywhere. Boats can be hired on the river.

Recently the TransMusi bus rapid transit system was operated to connect most of city parts; from Airport to city center and Jakabaring Sport City on the other side of Ampera bridge. TransMusi is similar to TransYogya in Yogyakarta, both operated smaller bus compared to larger TransJakarta bus.



There are only 4 theaters opened in daily basis so there are no much options of movie selection. Cinemas: INTERNASIONAL 21, PIM 21, STUDIO 21 (Cineplex) Website:


3rd storey strata title Shopping Mall (41,536.5m2 gross area), have re-sellable area about 28.481,78 m2, and have the biggest shopping mall atrium at South Sumatra (777m2.
120 unit Shop-Offices (Kantor Toko=Kanto).
The Arayduta Hotel is a 5-star hotel with 18 stories, together with Convention Hall for 3.000 people’s capacity.
The shopping mall is the modern and the complete mall which is built as the recreation center and the 'shopping heaven' for families in Palembang and operational with three big anchor tenants (Carrefour hypermarket, Grand JM department store, and Gramedia bookstore); some Family game stations (Amazon, Fun city); four billiard center (with total table about 55 billiard table); some Café, local and national fast food restaurants (KFC, CFC Texas, Popeye’s, Mc Donald, etc); Hairdresser (Jonny Andrean, Yoppie Salon, etc); Shops; Local TV station (PAL TV); National FM Radio station (Oz Radio); etc. Palembang Square nowadays becomes as one of the favorites place at South Sumatra (about 750.000 regular visitor/month).



Get out

You can go to Singapore with Garuda Airlines or Silk Air. AirAsia also flies to Kuala Lumpur. Some domestic flights also available include Jakarta (frequent), Medan, Batam, etc. Domestic departure tax is now Rp 35,000. Or maybe you can try jetfoil to another beautiful part of South Sumatra, Bangka Island.

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